A Business Plan For a Home Based Online Business?

Now that you’re certain, that you have what it takes to journey into this internet marketing industry. And you really want to start a business online. It’s time to realize that you must now think as a business-person. And even though you will be for the most part, working online (a little heads up, there will be off-line tactics involved as well, but that’s later!), any business owner must have a vision of what, where, how & who they want their business to cater to.

What segment of society will most likely benefit from what you have to offer? Your targeted audience.
Is your product/service in demand, a niche market, a hobby?

With these types of questions, there’s only one way to determine those parameters for which you must work within. This is where some real work is put into play.

It is called a business plan.

A business plan is not only a description of your business’ forecast. But also, a kind of road-map that will give you an insight on the business’ products/services, markets, marketing strategies & procedures that will get you to the place you need to be with your new business.

A well-written business plan can provide you with a view of your business concept, a description of your products or services, what distinguishes your products/services from your competition.

Consumers’ needs they will meet and its market potential.

Research & research some more. A business plan can show how you plan to turn your ideas into a product/service that consumers will want to buy.

Identifying your target audience is important so that you concentrate your resources on the needs of a specific segment and could mean the difference between success and failure. How will you contact potential customers or clients? Explain how your pricing structure will enable you to gain acceptance (the consumer) of your product/service, maintain and increase market share while providing for a profit. Write out how much money is needed ( Don’t let anyone fool you……equipment, software, office supplies, legal documents, back-up system etc.,), it takes money to make money, plain & simple. How it will be used, where will it come from? It seems like a lot, yes, but armed with this type of information will clearly give you the upper hand in the making decisions that will put you in the right direction.

So you say, you just want to sell other peoples stuff. Still, wouldn’t it be better for you to have this information? Gain knowledge; be able to talk shop with your consumers or clients. The more information you have, the more professional you sound about what you offer, the more likely you are in capturing the customer’s interest.

In conclusion, these guidelines should enable you to describe your companies’ market niche, and future goals and objectives.

Remember this, 90% or more business’ fail within the first year. Why, for the most part, they did not have a clear picture of the road ahead. A business plan gives you just that. A plan!

What’s the saying……? Businesses don’t plan to fail, you just fail to plan!

Jewelry Business Plans

A good jewelry business plan is essential to the success of anyone think about setting up a jewelry booth, jewelry shop or just selling via the internet. Decent jewelry business software should not be overlooked either.

I am an enthusiastic jewelry maker but marketing and business practices are not my forte. I love the design and artistic side of creating quality jewelry and love to chat with friends and associates about various methods and techniques. That’s what I personally enjoy, but I realized that it wasn’t enough if I actually wanted to sell my products and turn a profit.

That’s where my sister-in-law came in. She showed me how to evaluate jewelry business plans and software. As a fellow jewelry business friend, I was interested in what she had to say. Her business was turning over four times what mine was doing. We’d both started at around the same time, give or take a month or two, our jewelry was fairly similar and I had no less enthusiasm than she did. She showed me the jewelry business plan she was working from, but also demonstrated to me key points to look out for if I wanted to purchase a plan.

There is plenty of information to be had on the actual art of creating great jewelry, but jewelry business tips in a commercial sense are hard to come by. So my ears pricked up. This is what she told me to look for:

It sounds obvious, but make sure the jewelry business plan has an extensive general introduction on how to set up a jewelry business and what the market is looking for in terms of booth, shop and internet selling. You simply must know which market you should be trying to sell your own designs and creations into. As I’ve already alluded to, it’s fantastic to be creative and have wonderful ideas and skills, but if you want to make jewelry making more than just a hobby, you can’t ignore what people actually want to buy and what price they are prepared to pay for different merchandise.

Ensure the guide covers both selling online and also via stores, whether they be temporary (jewelry shows and fairs) or permanent.

The plan should fully understand and explain the relationships between costs, turnover and profit. If, like me, you are not a financial wizard, this should be clearly explained and relate directly to a jewelry business.

Look for personal examples. There is nothing to help you learn better than real life examples of going from making a loss to making a profit. A good plan should include mistakes made and lessons learned by the author. There is no substitute for personal experience, rather than theoretical pontificating.

Make sure the plan gives good advice on how to present your stall, booth or website. Presentation is crucial in the jewelry business.

Your plan should also cover all tax implications and how to keep records acceptable to the IRS. Also covered should be cash flow forecasting and how to negotiate with suppliers, show organizers and web-site designers. Useful tips on how to promote a web-site would also be advisable.

You should also learn about business licenses and insurance. They may not sound that interesting, but are, nonetheless, vital to sustaining a healthy business.

In effect, find a jewelry business plan that takes all the hassle out of the business side of things and leaves you free to do what you are most interested in: making great hand-crafted jewelry.

Need Quality Gift Ideas? Online Shopping is Your Best Bet

Due to the busy nature of our daily activities and the struggle to make ends meet, we sometimes find ourselves in a tight situation when it comes down to buying that appropriate gift for our loved ones and friends.

And so, we sometimes find ourselves being reminded at the last minute of a friend’s or worse still, a relation’s birthday just three days or so to the d-day. What happens mostly on such occasions is best left to one’s imagination.

It is worse still if the person we wish to buy the gift for is one of whom we know very little about when it comes to his or her tastes. Even when it is someone who you really know well, you still need to avoid buying him or her a repeat gift or worse still, one that van send wrong signals to the person or his or her spouse or parents.

You may not have thought about the possibility of sending wrong signals before now, right? Well, let’s look at one example of how this can happen. Let’s assume that your best friend’s wife is celebrating her birthday and because of the closeness of this couple to your family, you just have to buy gifts for this occasion.

Amongst the gifts you had sent to her is the latest set of sexy undies you happen to find in a store as you went about a last-minute rush to find appropriate gifts. What do you expect the husband to think when his unsuspecting wife decides later to open her gift package in his presence? Especially if there had been occasions when you were asked to keep an eye on his family when he had to go on official trips for some days? Well, I believe you do not need the services of a sooth-sayer to tell you in which direction his thoughts will roam in such a situation.

Such a situation will usually not only leave one in a very uncomfortable situation, but add to those unwanted tension bringing areas of life that is best done away with if one wishes to live a quality life. So, what do we do in such a situation? The best bet is to go online shopping.

The advantages of Online Shopping are numerous. For one, you do not have to spend time, energy and worse still, your hard-earned money roaming various stores in search of that appropriate gift item. All you really need is your computer, internet connection, a few hours of your time (if you have not earlier bookmarked some sites) and your credit card, PayPal account or any of the other payment accounts you operate with.

Shopping Online affords you the convenience of getting a variety of gift products from different companies and of different categories ranging from Electronics, Books, Movies, Games, Music, Clothing to Toys and much more right from the comfort of your bedroom and possibly from your dining room as you sip form that nourishing tea-cup or possibly from that beer mug.

I wish to add here however that even when Online Shopping helps one to save time and energy especially when one is in a tight schedule, it is not advisable to make develop a habit of leaving things till the last minute. It pays to plan ahead as this will save your nerves and on the long run grant you a healthier lifestyle.